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Sales/Service Management Training

This is better than training, this is executive level coaching for your sales and service managers.   The best managers, especially those in the 'C Suite' are constantly seeking coaching and ideas to hone their skills and stay on top of ideas that help make their departments and organizations successful.  Sales managers will benefit from the same approach which will elevate your organization away from these common three challenges holding back your competitors:

  1. Promoting top sales people to the sales management position - these are two different skill sets; we can assess your prospect and help develop them in their transition
  2. Managers are often comfortable in their positions and become static, resisting change and seeing outside consultants as threats - our executive coaching approach is designed to develop their careers
  3. Many Sales Managers are only engaged 60% of the activities necessary to make the position effective - is this due to lack of accountability or structure?  We will determine the root and take constructive action to reach 100% performance.

Retain your Sales Team and Grow Sales with Sales Management Training

Our Sales and Service Manager training presents a wealth of knowledge and techniques that will empower professionals in their positions.  Although the program is customized based on our complimentary evaluation, the common items covered in Sales Management Coaching include:

  • implementing and managing reporting routines including:
  • Leadership development
  • Scripting
  • Setting and managing sales goals for the team and accountability to each other and the organization
  • How to manage poor performers and executing legal exit strategies

You may have stellar sales associates, but without a strong sales manager, you are at risk of loosing your stars.  Call us today at 1-877-DP-Pro-11 to discuss your sales management needs and receive your complimentary assessment.

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Sales Management Training to Improve your Bottom Line

With DP Sales Pro Management Training, your organization can realize the benefits of:
  • More efficient department administration
  • Retention of star performers
  • Sustainable sales growth

Contact DP Sales Pro today for your complimentary consultation.  This call may be the move necessary to make your revenue goals this fiscal year!

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