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Toll Free: 1-877-DP PRO 11

Industry: Textile Manufacturer

Professional Summary:

32 year old regional veteran and family run as well as staffed entity looking to grow sales and maintain client base. Due to pressure from national competitors, plans for succession, future growth of sales and maintaining high level of customer service needed to be addressed to create strong foundation for sustainable growth and support of company objectives. Particularly sophisticated approach needed because of family dynamic and legacy.

Particular Industry Concerns/Opportunities:

  • Local, family run business resonates with local market
  • Strong customer satisfaction levels
  • Word-of-Mouth marketing responsible for 65% of customer base


Sales Support Process Improvement; Identify and Attract Talented Human Capital; Train, Coach and Support Newly Created Sales Team and Hold Accountable to Performance Metrics; Create Best Practices for Streamlining Quote Process; and, Align Marketing Message with Company Goals and Objectives to Support Sales Team Efforts.

Observations and Target Concerns:

  • Division of internal tasks and labor has led to specialized knowledge and ownership of processes/information.
  • Lacking strategic plan for growth for customer retention and marketshare while facing national competitors putting downward pressure on margins
  • New sales rep without process to follow; admin doesn't have necessary management tools in place to manage sales reps
  • Staff with most customer face-time , in this case drivers, not trained to identify sales opportunity with existing customer base

Recommended and Implemented Solutions

  • Operations - transparency with operations and information to create a SOP allowing anyone to be trained should there be turnover, succession or problems with filling roles
  • Setup sales system for new hire and have system on hand for subsequent expansion
  • Setup management system for sales/service efforts
  • Train drivers to identify sales opportunities and provide scripts and procedures to capture leads and prepare warm follow ups for appropriate sales person


  • New customer growth via cold-calls and follow-ups up 32% in first quarter
  • X/Up-sell opportunity from customer service up 21%
  • Customer retention up 12% in first quarter of implementation
  • Staff Expansion - Two new sales reps by end of first quarter
  • Market Presence Expansion - immediate impact seen in revenue
  • Internal processes streamlined for quick quote turnaround and account implementation
  • Sales process now incorporates tracking of all activity and results
  • Conversion rates - first contact to sale - tracked and increased by 22% by end of first quarter

Used DP Sales Pro Services:

  • Initial Fact Finding Consult Complimentary
  • Customized plan employing field training, one-on-one coaching, workshops
  • Best practices for identifying, attracting and retaining qualified sales reps
  • Customized phone and voicemail scripts
  • Customized email templates for prospecting and follow-up
  • Customized reports and forms
  • Coached management in delegation, mentoring and managing their employees for continued success

Client Testimonial:

"Having recently engaged in her services, we have found her {Debra’s} business intelligence and experience to be nothing short of eye opening. This along with her patience and ability to simplify and teach business concepts has quickly made a huge positive impact on our company. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to take their business to the next level in professionalism and profitability to run..not walk, to Debra Pearlman at DP SalesPro."