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Customer Service Training

Your customer service team is your first line of communication with your clients and customers.  They are an integral part of your team for retaining, cross selling and up-selling your clients.  Their skill set is specialized and needs to be developed, managed and monitored in order to contribute to your organization revenue goals.

DP Sales Pro Customer Service Training is focused on the specific needs of this department and is customizable to the objectives and resources of the organization.

Did You Know?

The top three challenges that when addressed, will allow your Customer Service Team to add value to your bottom line:

  1. Customer Service often manages unfulfilled promises by the sales team to read goal.  They must save the sale and retain the customer
  2. Customer Service is the first contact with the customer and can be trained to identify sell opportunities and set up appointments for the sales team
  3. Most Customer Service reps think they don't have the skills to sell and therefore avoid it costing you opportunity.

DP Sales Pro Customer Service Training will enlighten the team with the goal of leading to better customer retention and more efficient sales.  Our training focuses on Sales Skills, handling irate customers, discovering confidence in sales capability, appointment management techniques and more.

Give your company the edge it is looking for by tapping into  the potential of your Customer Services team.

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The Untapped Revenue Potential of Customer Service

You Customer Service Rep may a gem for untapped revenue.  Our training will help your Reps:
  • Uncovered cross/up sell opportunities
  • Set up appointments for Sales Reps that are warm leads
  • Retain more customers with better management of the 'irate customer'

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