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Philosophy and Approach to Cutting Edge Sales Solutions

DP Sales Pro was created to train the best small to mid cap companies how to implement and benefit from consultative selling and customer service methods.  DP Sales Pro President, Debra Pearlman, has transformed fledgling and 'good enough' sales departments into multi-million dollar power houses.  Her consultative model has been refined and organized in order to share it with companies who choose to understand that sales drive success in all market conditions.  We have a passion of for the sales process and a unique methodology to bring the best performance out of all team members.

We approach the discipline from the perspective that there are three parts the team - sales, service and management - that all must work in concert to successfully and sustainably grow the business.  If one trunk of your money tree is week, it will never blossom to its fullest potential.

Based on our unique S.H.A.R.P. Sales TrainingTM system, DP Sales Pro custom tailors strategies to the client needs and addresses the necessary connectivity between the sales team, customer service team and managers.  The experience is multifaceted where our specialists will meet with your staff in a variety of team and one-on-one situations in the office and out in the field.  It is the most comprehensive sales training your team can experience.

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Complimentary assessments of your current program are available.  Simply call us at 1-877-377-7611 or email us with the quick contact form and we will discuss your situation.  Struggling companies and strong companies alike can always benefit from some complimentary insight, contact us today before your competition does!