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Debra Pearlman

Founder and President

Joining the workforce at the age of 18, Debra did the New York City Shuffle, busing in from New Jersey and walking to work in sneakers. High heels on, she began her career as a sales professional rising through the ranks in various industries. Her experience in corporate America culminated at JRM Industries, where she spent two years knocking on every door on every floor of numerous buildings in the garment district. It was through the relationships developed with distributors that uncovered her passion for training. She conducted in-house training for the distributors' sales agents, joined them in sales calls and, by the end of her fourth year, was responsible for 10% of the firm's total sales.

Once Debra realized that her passion was often greater than her employers and discovered her talent was in inspiring others to achieve success, her entire focus shifted and DP Sales Pro was born. Her desire became focused on utilizing her skills to motivate and teach others so that they, too, can achieve success - for themselves, their businesses and their companies.

In 2005, Debra took her 20+ years of experience in sales training and management and launched S.H.A.R.P. Sales Training™. It is Debra's experience with all aspects of sales and training helps differentiate DP Sales Pro today. In her words, ‘Our clients count on us to know their sales agents' jobs as well as their companies' strengths and weaknesses. We make sure that each member of the sales staff takes the time to define their personal goals, so that they are in line with their companies' goals, and from there, we sharpen their skills with one-on-one training.’

Intertwined with her professional pursuits, Debra acquired an associate's degree in business, married, became a mother of three sons, was voted President of the PTA and was elected twice to the Board of Education. Feeling the need to complete her education, she enrolled in the University of Phoenix Online and earned her bachelor's degree in business management and marketing in 2005. The entire family flew to Arizona to watch her graduate in cap and gown, offline.