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Toll Free: 1-877-DP PRO 11

Industry: Banking Institution

Professional Summary:

100 year old regional bank with several branches looking to more effectively compete with national ban ks by aligning revenue opportunities with better customer service and incorporating a soft-sell culture.

Particular Industry Concerns/Opportunities:

  • Customer familiarity and loyalty is strong
  • Strong ties to community
  • Known for their charitable outreach to local non-profit enterprises


Create a sales process, commission structure, training program, accountability and goal metrics targeting increase in up-sell and cross-sell conversions. Raise revenue by matching customer's needs with current and new bank services through cross selling.

Observations and Target Concerns:

  • Tellers have limited or no sales training.
  • Lacking sales activity tracking mechanism.
  • Missing opportunities for maintaining current customers when closing out accounts.
  • No management tools in place to manage tellers and track activity.
  • Culture is retail mentality - must be shifted to one of a soft-sell.
  • Tellers require training to identify sales opportunities with existing customers.
  • Internal Personal, Commercial and Home Loan departments not at top of mind for referrals from tellers.

Recommended and Implemented Solutions

  • Worked with COO to develop customer relationship tracking procedures for tellers.
  • Worked with CFO to create SOP's for Branch Managers to easily track and report teller activity incorporating commission structure and referral procedures for ancillary services on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Created and delivered teller sales training program teaching soft-sell skills
  • Taught tellers to identify sales opportunities and provided follow up procedures
  • Incorporated representatives from ancillary service partners to educate tellers on products and referral procedures
  • Created a monthly Branch Manager Mastermind meeting for sharing of strategies, ideas and collaboration
  • Created process for Loan referrals to be made and tracked


  • Exceeded sales goals of target products by 200%
  • Expanded teller role to successfully incorporate sales process
  • Several promotions within organization from implementation of processes
  • 18% Increase in banks appraisal value
  • Tellers directly responsible for 75% of loan referrals
  • After 24 months, DP Sales Pro’s in-house mentoring and management techniques are still in use

Used DP Sales Pro Services:

  • Conducted initial one-on-ones with each teller to identify strengths and weaknesses to be incorporated into training
  • Customized plan employing Branch Manager training for executing productive one-on-one teller coaching for accountability
  • Customized reports and forms
  • Custom sales training program delivered for tellers to comfortably ask, educate, suggest and recommend various products with ease